How to Get a VAT Refund as a Foreign Tourist

We’re going to explain to you, step by step, how to take advantage of this benefit.

If you’re currently in Argentina, or are about to reserve your trip, it’s important that you know how the refund of Value-Added Tax works (VAT, which is at 21%) for accommodation and shopping expenses made in the country.

Accommodation Refund

With the aim of boosting the growth of the tourism sector, since January 2017, foreign travelers visiting Argentina are exempt from paying VAT on accommodation and breakfast expenses, as long as the latter is included in the price of the stay. This rule applies to direct purchases as well as those made through an authorized travel agency.

That’s why, when you make a reservation with Argentina on the Go, we’ll ask you to send us a copy of your passport. We’ll take care of making sure a copy of this document gets to the hotel, so that, as long as you pay with an international credit card or a transfer from a foreign bank account, you will able to automatically enjoy this benefit the moment that you pay the bill. Without the need for any documents or effort on your part, you will be saving money before you even step foot in the Country of Tango.

Refund of Shopping Purchases

As well as the VAT refund for accommodation costs, tourists can also ask for a tax refund on any purchases of nationally produced goods with a value of over $70 in shops which adhere to the Tax Free/Global Blue system. They all display a logo so that international shoppers can easily recognize them.

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Below, we’ll explain how to make sure that your shopping in Argentina costs you less:

  1. Once you’ve paid for your purchases (with VAT included), save the “B” receipt that the shop will give you and show your passport to obtain a Tax Free form.
  2. When leaving the country, go to the Customs Office so that the staff can inspect the products bought and stamp the required document to continue with the refund process.
  3. In order to get the refund, show the form in the booths that you’ll find in airports and stations. You can also complete the process by depositing your refund checks in the authorized mailboxes.

You can receive the VAT refund in cash, through credit added onto your card, or by a check that will be sent to the address that you’ve given.


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