The Best Apps to Help You Plan Your Trip Around Argentina

Our constant daily companions, smartphone apps can now even help us make the most of our adventures around the world. Below, we offer a summary of some of the most useful when visiting the Country of Tango.

Years ago, paper guide books were all we had to hand when getting around in an unknown destination. But for a while now, apps have conveniently slipped straight into our pockets to make planning our vacations even easier.

Before touching down in Argentina, here’s a selection of the best apps that you should first download to your smartphone:

 XE Currency

This app works as a currency converter so that paying bills during your stay abroad doesn’t become Mission Impossible. An easy way to keep your finances in check during your stay away from home.

Google Translate / Duolingo / Porteño Spanish

Lost in translation? If you don’t know any of Cervantes’ language, make sure to download these apps.

While Google Translate can be used to translate short sentences and help you feel more comfortable in everyday situations (such as shopping or taking public transport), with Duolingo you’ll be able to add some basic expressions to your vocabulary to get by on a day-to-day basis. This tool has short, effective lessons for you to learn new vocabulary and take your first steps in this beautiful language.

Is Spanish your mother tongue, but you want to speak like a true local? Then don’t forget to add Porteño Spanish to your phone so you can learn your first words of Argentinian slang.

Guía YPF/ Waze.

Both apps are ideal for anyone who is going to rent a car during their time in Argentina. With a helping hand from Guía YPF and Waze, you’ll be able to stay up to date of potential traffic jams, plan your journeys and check where the nearest service stations are located. What’s more, the former has recommended tourist routes around different parts of the country.

Guía Oleo/Restorando

When talking about vacations, we naturally think of enjoying memorable dining experiences. But to find and dine in the country’s best spots, there’s nothing more effective than to be led by the recommendations of other foodies.

Guía Oleo and Restorando offer a roundup of the country’s best bars and restaurants, with reviews and ratings of each, so that you can choose – and reserve – the option that best suits your palate.


Due to its large expanse, Argentina’s climate varies considerably from one region to another. With this app on your phone, it’ll be easier to know what to pack in your suitcase before leaving and, once you’re here, what to wear depending on the weather where you are.

Apps for Getting Around Buenos Aires

The Obelisk, the Colón Theater, Caminito… The tourist attractions of the capital city of Buenos Aires make it a mandatory stop for all trips around Argentina. But, given its massive size, lots of people can feel a bit lost when it comes to getting around. With the City Government apps – such as Travel Buenos Aires, BA Cómo Llego, Subte and BA EcoBici, amongst others – you’ll be able to plan your own touristic outings, check how to get around on public transport and find out where the nearest public bicycle stations are located, so you can visit this amazing destination on two wheels, and in a much more sustainable way.


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