Our Top Tips for Planning a Food Tour Around Ushuaia

It’s not only the impressive natural scenery that justifies a trip to the southernmost city in the world. Visitors will also fall in love with this unmissable destination thanks to an outstanding gastronomic offering, which is being celebrated more and more on an international as well as local scale.

There’s nothing quite like eating a spider crab with a view of the Beagle Canal or tasting a Patagonian lamb in a classic Fuegian restaurant. Although it’s still not widely known, Ushuaia, the capital of the southerly province Tierra del Fuego, should be considered a mandatory stop on the best culinary tours.

From the moment visitors step foot on this island which is otherwise known as the ‘End of the World’, they’ll be able to try unique dishes that aren’t made in any other part of the country. The restaurants which serve the region’s local delicacies generally have very varied menus meaning a large majority of them with be able to please even the most demanding palates.

In order to start your own gourmet adventure, don’t miss our selection of a few of the must-see places.

Kuar 1900

In a mansion steeped in history, you’ll find Kuar, an incredibly welcoming restaurant with panoramic views over the Beagle canal, where diners will be able to truly immerse themselves in the typical tastes of this region.

Aside from the black hake and spider crab, two of the province’s classic dishes, this restaurant’s menu also has a wide variety of pasta dishes (one of the best being the black ravioli), risottos and the unmissable Patagonian lamb. The drinks menu, with wine and beer as the house specialty, has something to suit everyone’s tastes.



Chez Manu

Anyone looking for a restaurant with a dreamy, scenic backdrop should book a table at Chez Manu. This establishment, run by the French chef Emmanuel Herbin, was created with the aim of fusing Patagonian flavors with the best cuisine from his home country.

Since its opening, the result has been recognized by visitors and locals alike. Some of our top recommendations: for starters, the smoked fish with seaweed, and for your main course, the black hake with a beurre blanc sauce. When the time comes for dessert, we’d recommend the hot apple crumble with ice cream or the classic crème brûlée.

Bodegón Fueguino

This typical restaurant (in the style of a bodegón) is a friendly spot with affordable prices, where you’ll eat like a true local. Its menu is full of hearty, homemade dishes, but the real star of the show is the lamb in all its different forms (for example, with orange and honey, roast with potatoes, in red wine with fried vegetables etc.).

Anyone who prefers to indulge in seafood shouldn’t miss the chance to try the grilled salmon or the cod with blue cheese.

Kalma Resto

A highly recommended option for anyone who loves signature cuisine and wants to taste the region’s unmissable dishes in an intimate setting – with capacity for no more than 24 covers – and with a personalized service from start to finish.

In Kalma Resto, Patagonian regional products take center stage, and many of them are even fused with flavors and influences from other latitudes. Anyone who visits here has to try the squid paired with a Patagonian wine – it’s second-to-none.



Paseo Garibaldi

The ideal spot to treat yourself to an outstanding culinary experience after a long day of activities. With a relaxed atmosphere, picturesque surroundings and an excellent balance of price versus quality, this is the perfect spot to try some of the characteristic dishes of Fuegian cooking.

Some suggestions to whet your appetite? Garlic squid, spider crab au gratin and black hake with a caper crust.

Kapué Restaurante

Ernesto Vivian is the owner of this restaurant, based inside his own home. And for good reason, in the indigenous language, Kapué means “to be at home”. The black hake and mussels are the signature dishes of this establishment that, for many years, has topped the rankings of the best places to eat in the end of the world.

Meat lovers can also treat themselves to an order of beef however they like it.

Rincón Gourmet Ushuaia

Once again, the head chef in charge of this restaurant has opened the doors of his home to receive diners in an intimate space that is run like a local meeting spot. Here, any visitors that manage to reserve a table in time will be able to enjoy typical regional dishes made with fresh, local produce.


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