Secret Supper Clubs: an Unusual Dining Experience in Buenos Aires

Reduced spaces, high-end menus and personalized service are just a few of the things which make up the appeal of this unique eating experience which continues to win over new devotees.

It’s like being at home. That’s how anyone who chooses a secret supper club feels when they go out to eat. Although this trend – imported from the big capital cities of the world – has been around for a while, it’s only recently that it’s managed to reinvent itself to the point of becoming a first rate option for anyone who’s looking to have a gourmet dining experience which is a little out of the ordinary.

In the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, there are growing numbers of chefs who decide  to open the doors to their own homes – or spaces which almost exactly resemble them – in order to transform them into true gourmet paradises.

Below, you’ll find a selection of the best addresses to keep in mind when visiting the capital city.


Using the tagline, “honest cooking”, this restaurant based in an old mansion in the Colegiales neighborhood is the first secret supper club to offer a completely organic menu. Tourists and travelers that make it here will have the chance to taste their innovative dishes – exclusively prepared with seasonal ingredients – in an intimate and particularly welcoming dining room that is just asking for after-dinner chats to run on into the night.

Casa Bares

Also in Colegiales, this house with a charming garden transforms into a restaurant at night when its owner and also chef, Tomás Bares, sets it up to receive diners. The menu is made up of dishes such as glazed pork shoulder and sushi, as well as an selection of starters and desserts to suit every taste.


Anafe, one of the new gems of intimate cooking, is found right in front of the Buenos Aires’ flea market. Located in a flat without interior divides and with excellent views, in this restaurant the menu is fixed, but the surprises for the palate are unlimited.

Fogón Asado

In the heart of the Buenos Aires’ neighborhood of Palermo, Fogón Asado offers meat lovers the possibility of tasting some of the best Argentinian cuts, while at the same time teaching them about the cooking process. This exclusive spot, which can only be entered with a prior reservation, also boasts a special selection of boutique wines.

Clases de cocina en Buenos Aires

Anyone who wants to continue accumulating different culinary experiences during their trip around Argentina can also take a cooking course in one of the many spaces especially designed for these purposes.

For example, the chef Fernando Mayoral offers cooking classes once a month in his restaurant of the same name. During these classes, that are demonstrative and aimed at amateurs, you’ll cook three different dishes that are sampled at the end of the session.

Espacio Anzai,in the Chacarita neighborhood, is another of the schools worth trying out if you don’t want to leave Argentina without first learning a little about its food culture. In fact, this place boasts classes dedicated to tourists, that are in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Another recommended option is Tierra Negra. Here, Verónica and Manuel (sommelier and chef, respectively) are in charge of guiding the course participants through the fascinating world of Argentinian and South American flavors. Their course is designed so that visitors manage, after practicing in small groups, to cook for themselves some of the most famous local specialties: empanadas, alfajores, choripanes etc.


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