The Final Frontier: Antarctica

Known as the “final frontier”, Antarctica is one of the most secluded places on the planet and keeper of natural wonders that, year after year, attract the most intrepid travelers, eager for new experiences. It’s possible to embark on an unparalleled adventure towards the edges of the earth from October to March from the tip of the South American continent.

Few places spark the same kind of interest that Antarctica does with only the mention of its name. These days, reaching the depths of the fourth biggest continent on the planet – which is home to 80% of our fresh water – is no longer a feat solely reserved for explorers and scientists.

With a surface size of more than 14 million kilometers squared – about 98% of which is covered by ice –, this mysterious land is also one of the only places that remains largely untouched by man. From October to March, different luxury cruises leave from Stanley, in Chile, or Ushuaia, in Argentina, with the White Continent as their destination.

Sailing towards the Limits of the World

There are lots of different ways to explore the White Continent. But, no matter which you choose, all voyages through the area – with average durations of 12 days – will without a doubt provide travelers with the opportunity to live an unparalleled experience which will be impossible to forget.

During the first two day’s cruise through the choppy waters of the emblematic Drake Passage, appreciation of the icy landscapes and fascinating examples of Antarctic fauna is the perfect preamble for what this adventure will consist of. Provided the weather is on side, enjoying the company of giant albatross and flocks of petrels that circle overhead while sat on the deck is an incredible way to pass time.

A little later, amongst the first tubular icebergs, the famous South Shetland Islands will come into view, and with them, the sign of having finally arrived in the marvelous Antarctic landscape. Preconceived dreams of the ends of the earth will finally become an incredibly real and engaging lived experience.

While sailing through a landscape peppered with fjords, glaciers and giant ice floes, you’ll be completely dazzled by Antarctica. Appreciating all its wonder and magnificence will be even easier thanks to the advice of experts on board: guides, scientists, biologists and other specialists who will give talks and plan our landings, which we’ll continuously make for the whole of our polar expedition, from the star formations.

During each landing, there will be all sorts of activities to discover the specificities of the native species. The saga of how emperor penguins feed themselves and look after their young (between December and January); the circle of life of the humpback and southern right whales after having given birth on the Valdés Peninsula (principally during December); the secrets of the magnificent common seals, leopard seals, sea lions and elephant seals; the harmonious coexistence of the 39 species of birds that you’ll be able to spot at any moment, and much more.

There are other specially designed experiences tailormade for the most adventurous explorers, who want to continue discovering the wildlife of these latitudes from a different perspective: kayak expeditions in polar waters, relaxing treks in the middle of infinite white deserts, and camping under breathtaking starry skies in the heart of the Antarctic peninsula.

When you’re not outside contemplating the frozen beauty of the White Continent, the luxury of the cruise ships – with cabins perfectly equipped for whole families – offers everything you’ll need to recharge your batteries and relax for the duration of the journey. In short, an exclusive, adrenaline-charged experience – for which we recommend booking a spot at least six months in advance – in the center of a magnetic and silent universe. Anyone who dares to go to the edges of the earth, beyond the known, will have no excuses for not responding to the call of the Antarctic.


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