Traveling around Argentina as a Family

In the country’s main tourist destinations, younger travelers will be made to feel extremely welcome. Here, we’ll recommend activities and hotels so that the whole family can make the most of the well-deserved break.

There are some destinations which are better prepared than others to receive younger travelers. In the case of Argentina, a country which bestows special importance on family, kids will find a large quantity of activities designed especially for them, as well as accommodation options that will receive them with open arms. If you’re thinking of traveling to the southernmost corner of South America, don’t miss this selection of the best places for children and teenagers.


The city of Bariloche is highly recommended stop in any family trip around Argentina. The whole year round, younger family members, as well as the adults, will be able to enjoy spending entire days beside lakes, walking amongst the mountains and ascending some of the most popular peaks, such as Otto and Campanario, by cable car. An unmissable gem? In El Nahuelito Park,a short distance from Colonia Suiza, kids can play amidst giantmodel dinosaurs and have a great time in the fresh air.

Where to sleep? The renowned hotel Llao Llao also has plenty of highlights for the smallest members of the family. In Nahuelito’s Kids Club, guests from three to ten years old will be able to experience all sorts of recreational activities, indoors as well as out: games in the pool and woods, bike rides, cooking and painting classes, and much more. The accommodation also offers archery, rock-climbing and mountain-bike rides.

El Calafate

Visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier by boat or along one of the walkways is a highly appealing plan for children and young people of all ages, as they’ll have to chance to see one of the most striking masses of ice in the world up close. The mini-trekking on top of the glacier is a stellar experience and trip highlight; an option which can be enjoyed from ten years of age.

Don’t forget to make a stop in “TheGlaciarium: Patagonian Ice Museum”, a well-known glaciological interpretation center. Through different interactive exhibits – such as models, photos and animations –, all the members of the family can learn about glacial formations. And to compliment the visit, don’t miss the GlacioBar, a place with walls made from ice and a sub-zero temperature which is perfect for enjoying a quick drink before returning to your hotel.

Where to sleep? Inside Los Glaciares National Park, the Estancia Nibepo Aike offers everything you’ll need to spend a delightful few days passing through El Calafate. The whole family can enjoy days in the countryside and horseback rides, that will see you come into direct contact with the nature and animals of the local area.

The Valdés Peninsula

In this natural paradise, from May to December, the whole family can experience different trips – by water and land – where they’ll be amazed by one of the biggest animals in the world and the National Monument of Argentina: the southern right whale. The South American continental colony of Magellanic penguins in Punta Tombo is an unmissable stop from September to March, and during the whole year, birds, sea lions, elephant seals and guanacos are its star protagonists.

The Edigio Feruglio Paleontological Museum, in Trelew, is a science activity center with enough to entertain the whole family. As well as the interactive exhibitions and shows for every age, there are laboratories with technical equipment open to visit and the remains of the biggest dinosaur in the world, the Patagotitan. The Ecocentro in Puerto Madryn is the perfect place to visit for mini travelers; they’ll be able to gain new knowledge while having fun.

Where to sleep? In Estancia Rincón Chica, a charming, natural hideaway on the peninsula itself, families will find everything they need to relax and spend memorable moments together. A top tip? Go out to visit the region with the knowledgeable local guides.

Iguazú Falls

Of the recommended local destinations to visit with kids and teenagers, you can’t miss the phenomenal Iguazú Falls. Travelers will be lost for words in front of the hundreds of offshoots of water that can be viewed from many different angles. As well as visiting the raised walkways and appreciating the flora and fauna of the subtropical jungle, boat trips, which are perfect for every age, can also be made – although it’s important to note that the Great Adventure trip is only for over twelves. For anyone looking for days out outside of the National Park, on the National Route 12, the bird rescue center “GüiraOga” and the Iguazé Biocentro offer the chance to recharge your batteries before continuing with your trip.

Where to sleep? In Iguazú Grand, younger guests will find the perfect hang-out: The Jungle Club. There, they’ll be able to make new friends and enjoy discovering the local culture.