What You Need to Know When Buying Travel Insurance

Deciding to travel around Argentina without comprehensive insurance is exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. To enjoy your visit with peace of mind, here we’ll tell you everything you need to know before buying a product of this nature.

Just as important as planning every detail of your itinerary around Argentina is taking the adequate time to buy the right insurance product for whatever adventure you’re about to embark upon. Although in this South American country there is a network of hospitals and health centers that will see and treat you for free, what’s for sure is that not all of them are properly equipped and, in many cases, the wait to receive treatment can be longer than desired.

That’s why anyone visiting Argentina will be better off buying an insurance policy that guarantees, in the case of suffering an accident of illness far from home, fast, good quality medical attention. And these days this sort of business doesn’t only provide medical cover – more and more offer compensation for theft or loss of baggage, overbooking, cancellations and even personal liability amongst other things.

In order to buy the cover that best suits your trip, make sure to read the following tips.

*Make sure you’re not already covered. Before buying travel insurance it’s important that you double check whether the medical cover that your home country or credit card offers doesn’t include a policy of this sort. Often, it’s easy to end up spending money unnecessarily by not taking the time to read up on what you already have.

*Think about the destination, duration and type of trip. Traveling to Argentina to purely visit the main tourist cities is not the same thing as going to isolated areas to practice extreme sports. For the former, a traditional insurance policy will suffice; while for the latter, you should expect to fork out a bit more if you want to have comprehensive cover.

The duration of the trip is another point you should take into account when buying this type of product. Anyone who’s thinking about traveling for a number of months should make sure that it doesn’t make more sense to buy an annual policy.

Equally, anyone traveling with children or in a group might find group insurance has better prices than the individual policies.

*Check that your cover includes repatriation. Another key consideration before choosing an insurance policy is to read the small print to check that it includes repatriation, an exorbitant cost that can be avoided. Although nobody wants to have to use this type of service, faced with an accident or serious illness, it’s better to know that the insurance company will cover the costs of returning home. This also means that if the policy holder passes away, their remains can be repatriated.

On the other hand, some policies can cover the cost of flights for the victim’s family to the country where the incident happened. Exploring all these different points beforehand can help gain valuable time in critical situations.

*Trip cancellation. Growing in popularity, cancellation insurance means that you can book your whole trip in advance with the peace of mind that in the face of any eventuality you’ll be able to recover some, if not all, of the total cost of the trip. Adding this service on to your policy normally isn’t too expensive, and the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Travel Insurance

Once you’ve bought your insurance policy, print the contract and take it everywhere. Most of the time, it’s where you’ll be able to find the telephone numbers you need to call in case of emergency. If you face any kind of expense relating to a medical problem or other kind of incident, don’t forget to keep your receipts, so that when you get back to your own country, you can ask the insurance company whether this type of compensation is also included.


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